Build a commercial/retail center.
It’s as simple as a super-convenience store with a fresh market, fuel (don’t rule out alternative fuels, either), and maybe an express fast-food franchise inside.

  • At present, the Town of Cameron still does not have a “destination” supermarket or “super c-store”. Nor does Cameron have many of the garden-variety retailers expected in any small town. These no longer exist because: 1) the hurricanes destroyed those business places which did exist; and, 2) rebuilding has been made prohibitively expensive by new building codes. It is clear to us that help is needed to build new spaces for these businesses to locate in Cameron. Our idea is to fund construction and management of modern and adequate commercial for-lease spaces, knowing there will be the added expenses of building higher (elevated above sea level) and “hurricane-hardened”. Carefully chosen retailers will then have reason to locate in Cameron, and thus provide incentive for others to return and rebuild. We think there are architecturally engineered solutions that should be insurable at reasonable rates. But, individual entrepreneurial retailers simply cannot afford to develop these structures on their own, and need development help to operate profitably.

  • Those beachgoers will gravitate toward the retail center in the summer for all those cold drinks and food and sundry items. New retail services will encourage weekend visitation by beachgoers and vacationers. Similarly, we should consider the aforementioned pleasure boaters who come down the Calcasieu Ship Channel on their way to deep-sea fishing in the Gulf. There is no marina, piers or wharf to service them with ice or marine fuel. We should build such facilities as a part of a commercial/retail center.