Action Steps
In January 2013, we proposed the following ten initiatives to the Cameron Parish Police Jury, and asked them to first fund FOUR research projects in order to confirm our plans...

  1. Build a marina consisting of private craft harbor, fuel depot, ice house, dry storage, dockage for commercial fishermen, and wharf for them to sell their catch fresh off the boat.
  2. Build a hotel and restaurant to attract visitors, small meetings, and new businesses. Consider beach condominiums and houseboat/floating rental units.
  3. Construct a new public beach, event greenspace and conservation areas with birding towers, boardwalks, trails, including the historical Gulf Biologic Station.
  4. On our site, create for-lease retail space such as bait shop, fast food, fishing supplies, beach apparel to serve visitors and fishermen.
  5. Develop a small shopping site at intersection of 27/82 and Davis Road with c-store, grocery, pharmacy, entertainment, other retail so residents aren’t forced out of town day-to-day.
  6. Make the area attractive to locate new industry. Include a strategic plan for building workforce housing.
  7. Create a blueprint presentation for presenting our findings to citizens, funders and business prospects.
  8. Organize and execute a strategy for directing more State and Federal funding to Cameron to accomplish our vision.
  9. Follow the leads and funding sources of the Louisiana CPRA 2012 Coastal Master Plan in order to take advantage of the elements suited to Cameron.
  10. Take advantage of our location and natural resources. Use them as a unique attraction to visitors and businesses.